Welcome to Sunnyside Sheep in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Sunnyside sheep is located 12 minutes west of Saskatoon on the beautiful prairie of Saskatchewan. We are home to an adorable little flock of Registered Olde English Babydoll Southdown Sheep. These little guys are considered a miniature sheep as they only stand 17-24 inches at the shoulder! Because of their size they are much easier to handle than the standard size sheep as well make great 4-H projects and excellent pets. Besides their cute, fuzzy teddy bear looking faces, they are a calm and gentle sheep who love to be around other sheep and people.

Because of their calm temperament, they do not seek out to push or try fences as other sheep breeds would. They are known for being “organic weeders” and fertilize as they graze!  As well the Babydolls are used in vineyards and orchards as they will trim without damaging the trees and shrubs. Their wool is a micron count of 19-22 which puts it in a class of cashmere and their meat is tasty and tender!

The Babydoll care is no different than any other sheep. These are hardy little guys but do require adequate shelter, bedding, grooming and proper feed and nutrition as any other farm animal would.

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Babydoll sheepThese are considered one of the oldest breeds of sheep which originated in England. After World War II, the demand for larger cuts of meat almost put these little guys into extinction!
It was then in 1986 when Robert Mock searched for original Southdowns, thus forming the Registry. For more information about the Registry, history and the Babydoll standards, please go to the following links:


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